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Rugs, spring at your feet

Alfombras, la primavera a tus pies

Natural fabrics to walk barefoot without undressing your home with the arrival of good weather. Decorative rugs with rounded shapes or that mark paths enlarge spaces and bring freshness to the floor!

There are no rules for placing rugs, but we do not plan to place a round rug under a square or rectangular dining table with chairs.

comedor con alfombra rectangular
alfombra circular

The versatility of carpets helps us to delimit spaces, to create new atmospheres and to make a room cozy. During spring and summer too, because their usefulness takes a back seat to be merely decorative and bring us freshness and naturalness.

A rug made of braided natural fibers such as rope, jute or esparto grass is a guarantee of simplicity and modernity. The fabrics that connect with nature are trendy and we like them very much. That is why we find them in all possible sizes, shapes, patterns and combinations.

alfombra de yute

There are many options 100% in natural fabric, others have a lacquered part in a pastel color such as white, pink, blue, mint, ocher,... Combinations with basketry in bathrooms, for example, turn a normally cold space into a cozy and pleasant place.

In the distributors and square entrance halls or connecting corridors, we can place a round or oval carpet to give breadth and visual connection to the whole set of spaces. Also in children's or youth bedrooms, where furniture is usually placed against the walls, we can leave the central space delimited with a round carpet to harmonize the whole room. In addition, it will provide comfort for games or to sit on the floor to study, listen to music or read.

dormitorio infantil con alfombra redonda
alfombra yute

The visual effects in large spaces are unlimited and very attractive, for example, in dressing rooms and master bedrooms. An elongated rug and a round rug that can touch and overlap at one point to break with one rug the visual effect of the other.

alfombras superpuestas

A large rug always expands the space, and although it may seem a priori to the contrary, it is highly recommended in homes with little space or even in narrow passage areas. At the foot of the main bed, a carpet or a more summery and modern rug will bring a visual effect of depth to the whole room. You can try it for a while and then remove it to see how you miss it...

Rustic touches thanks to natural fibers and raw braids, ethnic touches with bright geometric patterns for example. The decorative contribution of a rug should be decided not only according to the style of our home and the space available. It is important not to saturate the rooms and that the focal points are well harmonized. We cannot place several focal points.

If we place a large patterned rug next to a sofa with matching houndstooth upholstery, they will probably not go well together. Sometimes, in this dilemma, the best option is to err on the side of simplicity or opt for neutral tones. That is why fibers such as sisal or jute in natural colors work so well.