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Linen, the most elegant textile

Lino, el textil más elegante

Vaporous, light, sophisticated and versatile. Linen is the most sought after in spring and summer because its pleasant texture brings freshness and elegance. Natural colors in net curtains, cushions, Balinese beds... Wrap yourself in linen!

Dress your home naturally with linen textiles in soft tones that bring harmony, balance and elegance. Linen reappears every spring in our wardrobe, in our closet or dressing room are reborn garments in white, beige and gray tones with a high percentage of natural linen to lighten our clothes and fill with sophistication our good weather looks.

dormitorio en lino

Natural fabrics in discreet colors such as beige or gray are the kings of spring and summer also at home, and are the best accomplices to achieve a touch of class with a great naturalness.

lino en diferentes tonalidades

Natural tones such as beige, bone, gray, white... with splashes of more cheerful tones to give depth to the spaces and vitality, such as lime, blues or greenish tones.

Balinese beds and mosquito nets outdoors, net curtains or cushions indoors. Very special complements that we only use during a few months of the year together with the good temperatures in our outdoor areas.

There are also many other basic elements that are transformed thanks to the linen texture that makes them cushions that never go out of style, and versatile with any decorative style. White sheers or sheers in soft and discreet tones are the best option for windows, balconies or large windows. It doesn't matter if you have little space to cover or a large entire wall.

dormitorio lino

The visillería seeks light, soft fabrics that allow a great luminosity whatever the room and its functionality. Light is a treasure inside the house, also during spring and summer. Far from those heavy curtains with many layers and thick fabrics, today most of the options are looking for lighter fabrics and easy maintenance solutions.

visillo y dosel de lino

Linen is precisely one of the most imitated fabrics, or combined so that its percentage in the textile is lower, to prevent it from needing a lot of ironing time. It is a fabric that needs a lot of ironing, and so that it is not a limitation, many textiles have emerged with a small percentage of linen to achieve its inimitable texture and elegance, but it needs less care.

In exteriors, treated fabrics are sought to better withstand the wear and tear of the sun and wind. Thermal and darkening fabrics, such as the so-called 'black out' or 'foscurits' that imitate the finish and texture of linen in all shades but are ideal for outdoor use. They are normally used to keep out sunlight in hotels or large bedroom windows, but without losing elegance thanks to their linen or imitation touch. Today there are many more resistant formulas especially for sofas or outdoor seating.

visillo lino
lino sofá exterior

We forget about velvets, chenilles and lonetas until autumn arrives and we look for the lightness of natural linen. Depending on its use we will look for a fabric with a different percentage of linen, for example with a higher grammage for a cushion and a lower one for a curtain. There are even some special linens for upholstery that suffer more friction, which maintain the texture of linen but without altering with the passage of time and wear.

Linen conquers every room in the house, not only in net curtains, but also in table linen, bed linen, towels, bath rugs, plaids and quilts, cushion covers, sofa and armchair covers, kitchen blinds, lampshades,.... Its simple and natural touch has a place in any tone and space of the house.

mantel lino

Linen combines perfectly with other elements in natural fibers such as rope or jute rugs, teak furniture, ... natural is fashionable and we like it even more during the months of good weather.

lino y yute
lino y yute