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Challenge: a marathon with a 76% physical disability

Reto: un maratón con un 76% de discapacidad física

From not surviving and never being able to walk to finishing a marathon. This has been the great life challenge of a man who, at the age of six months, suffered a brain herpes that changed his life. Alex Roca has been the first person with such a high degree of disability, 76%, who has completed a marathon in the world, and it has been in our country, in the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. With a time of 5 hours, 50 minutes and 51 seconds he crossed the finish line that meant much more than a sporting event.

Her life was in danger when she was still a baby and she lives with cerebral palsy and a physical disability of 76%. However, her effort and desire to overcome are much greater than all her limitations.

A global example of sport and overcoming, as he is the only athlete in the world with a disability supported by the Nike sports brand, and who has been demonstrating for years that there are no limits to his willpower.

Doctors warned his parents that he could either die or be left in a vegetative state after a herpes viral encephalitis. But defying medical judgment and logic, 32-year-old Alex has finished a marathon, becoming the first person on the planet to accomplish such a feat with his permanent cerebral palsy.


In his website ‘El límite lo pones tú’, Álex confesses: "Doctors said I would not live and they are amazed because I am alive. In my life I have had many barriers and I have overcome them as I could and with a lot of effort. Currently, I have studies, a job, a car, a partner and a 'normal' life".