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Immerse yourself in classical theater, a 'Golden' experience

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Sumérgete en el teatro clásico, una experiencia ‘de Oro’

Safeguarding our cultural and artistic heritage is one of the main objectives of 'Corral Cervantes' and the Siglo de Oro Foundation, and to this end, classic works are reinterpreted to surprise and entertain in equal parts. Discover them!

Corral Cervantes' is a very ambitious project to recover, preserve, review and disseminate one of the great cultural legacies and artistic heritage of our country; the theater of the Spanish Golden Age.
The current playhouse in the heart of Madrid is a tribute to the great classics that broke barriers and dodged censorship, that discovered new genres and reflected the reality of a hard time in our country.
The stage of the 'Corral Cervantes' reproduces a courtly palace and on its boards are reinterpreted texts and verses of the most recognized and prolific authors of the time as Lope de Vega or Miguel de Cervantes, but also some less known today.
The richness of our theatrical heritage is as heterogeneous as it is attractive to contemporary audiences. The scenic repertoire of the Golden Age is full of dramas, comedies, satires, icons...

Sumérgete en el teatro clásico, una experiencia ‘de Oro’

Corral Cervantes' is a reference in the Spanish theatrical exhibition, and specifically of the Spanish Golden Age, although it is not limited to theater and also shows dance, music and other performing arts. Within the stable cast, the repertoire is endowed with a richness and quality that is outstanding in the stage sector. In addition to the artists and guest companies that present formats and productions that are well known.
With this eagerness to protect and exhibit works from the Golden Age, spectators can discover surprising experiences and versions even for lovers of this type of cultural representations. Fortunately with an excellent reception both among incipient audiences such as children and young people, as well as for adults and regular fans of the subject.

What's on at 'Corral Cervantes' this week?

Two great classics of the Golden Age, revisited through the prism of the 21st century... 'El hospital de los locos' and 'La dama boda' take to the boards of the courtly theater of 'Corral Cervantes' to surprise and amuse the audience.