En este momento estás viendo Comedy or drama?

Comedy or drama?

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Comedy with 'El Perro del Hortelano' and drama with 'El Hospital de los Locos' to combat the cold with the best classics of the Spanish Golden Age. Check out the special 'School Campaign' for schools and teachers with theater for children and young people in Madrid.

Laughter and tears for the spectators who come these days to see the reinterpretations of two great classics on the boards of the Sala Cervantes of the most sustainable theater, 'Corral Cervantes'.

The cultural offer for all audiences that offers this 2023 the Corral Cervantes is a unique opportunity to bring the youngest and teenagers to the best theater. One option is the 'School Campaign' for schools and teachers.

The best shows for children in Madrid and bring the theater for teenagers is an option that satisfies parents, teachers and children and students who discover a whole unknown world for them.

"Loyalty and awakening the interest of new audiences is an arduous task in which Corral Cervantes puts all its efforts. For this reason, students can benefit from the school campaigns that are planned jointly with the schools' educators."