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Viva magenta, the trendy color in decoration

Each year a Pantone color stands out, and in 2023 the strength and vigor of 'viva magenta' invades our homes and gives touches of joy to our spring with touches of intense pink to our decoration and accessories. Long live the spring color!

pantone magenta

Pantone, the most international color guide, each year launches the color for those 12 months, and if the color of this 2023 has already conquered fashion and other arts, this spring it lands with great force in interior design.

Joy, vitality and an intense personality, all this brings us the 'viva magenta' to our home. And precisely when the days and daylight hours lengthen and the sun changes the colors to more intense tones, is when this risky color takes center stage in our decoration.

dormitorio magenta

Exuberant, optimistic, pulsating and vigorous, 'viva magenta' fills with life bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, offices, study or play areas... and both indoors and outdoors.

Textiles such as cushions, plaids, armchairs or lampshades take center stage in a shade such as "viva magenta". Wallpapers, abstract paintings, towels, curtain details, rugs, picture profiles, vases, photo frames, etc. also take center stage.

Those elements that are more ephemeral or that we can change more frequently and easily become the first options to be transformed into objects that are no longer subtle and go unnoticed, but become protagonists and come to the forefront of the room. Whatever their usefulness or location, our eyes detect them at the first glance thanks to their intense and cheerful color.

butaca magenta

A color that precisely in spring brings the ideal sensations with this time of the year; vitality and boldness, but with that sophisticated and elegant point to distribute it in its right dose. It is a very risky color just for this reason, if you overdo it, it saturates quickly.

decoración magenta
dormitorio magenta

The best recommendation before incorporating it is to think about where and how we are going to place the 'viva magenta', so we do not saturate it and we look for the best locations and combinations. Mainly it should always be placed in contrast with other complementary tones such as bottle green, black, white, gray, ocher, petrol blue,... It is essential that we accompany it with a chromatic range on the opposite side of the color wheel.

The flowers, both natural in intense pink tones, as well as those drawn on bed linen, paintings, cushions, with cheerful pink petals, are a success because they not only bring a casual look to the rooms, but they are also elegant to combine especially with magenta in plain or other contrasts. Long live magenta, and long live the contrast!