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Tu Casa Desenchufada, your home without bills, in the newspaper La Razón

Tu Casa Desenchufada, tu casa sin facturas, en el diario La Razón

We are pioneers in Spain and in Europe with the first promotion 100% off-grid and for this reason we are featured in the special 'Energy and Environment' section of the 'Dinero & Negocios' supplement of the newspaper La Razón.

The Index Unplugged House is a revolutionary housing that changes forever the current market, as it is the first real estate development in Spain and probably in Europe 100% unplugged from the electricity grid and therefore without any energy or electricity bill.
That is to say, a home without electricity bills such as electricity, air conditioning or hot water. And also without any energy bills such as heating, gas, diesel or gasoline.
Your house will be able to generate enough energy all year round and also not only for its maintenance and consumption, its electricity production also manages to charge for free two electric cars all year round, about 40,000 kilometers approximately.

The "Unplugged House" is probably the most efficient in the world.

►The first real estate development in Spain free of electricity bills, with homes saving more than 200,000 euros

The 'Residencial Fuentes Claras', in the Madrid town of Cubas de la Sagra, is planning 26 new single-family homes that are completely autonomous and unhooked from the electricity grid. It is the first development in the Spanish real estate market without bills from any electricity company, making it probably the most energy-efficient housing in the world, and all at the same price.

Semi-detached, semi-detached and even detached houses are offered for sale at the same price as conventional houses, but with all the energy efficiency features.

Decarbonization and savings

Thanks to renewable energies, in particular geothermal and solar, homeowners have real savings in their pocket from the first month, without having to amortize a higher price for their home.

A real saving in your pocket because it is the end of all electric bills (electricity, air conditioning, hot water...) and energy bills (gas, heating, diesel or gasoline...). Because in addition to covering all the electricity needs of the home, it also produces enough energy for the annual charge of two electric cars.

This means the decarbonization of the whole family by avoiding fossil fuels also in the mobility of their vehicles. Completely stop paying for all the electrical and energy consumption of the house and the whole family.

Innovation and R+D+i

After the success of sales and environmental awards of the Carbon Positive Geosolar® House, Index's R+D+i Department continues to implement technology to improve the energy efficiency of its homes. Months of research to achieve 100% renewable housing by optimizing new green technologies. This constant innovation has achieved the greatest sustainable challenge in residential construction to date, the first real estate development completely unplugged from the electrical grid. A milestone in today's construction.

Goodbye to the electricity bill

The "Casa Desenchufada" is the solution to the problem of the price of the electricity bill forever. A house disconnected from the electricity grid saves more than 600 euros per month, which translates into more than 200,000 euros in savings over the life of a mortgage.

It will be the most efficient home in the world, as it will produce enough energy not only for its own supply, but also for charging electric vehicles up to 40,000 km. So in addition to being 100% renewable, it is also a zero-emission house because it manages to "park" fossil fuels for good.

Customization and Interior Design

Index is currently designing the Positive Carbon Geosolar® House, a very special home that has received several national and international awards for its efficiency and innovation. A house 100% customized to the tastes and needs of each family.

Each house is adapted from the distribution to the details, and even the decoration. From the beginning, customers are advised by an architect to decide from the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, to every finish such as tiling, taps, type of pool, terrace, dressing room or sockets.

Index's Customization and Changes Department has a digitalized catalog with more than one million references for customers to choose from. In addition, it is the only home that includes a compensation system to include changes paying only the difference. A 360-degree personalized home, since the Interior Design Department also advises on the decoration from the beginning.

It is the first home on the market that offers the comprehensive advice of an interior designer in the same price. Index's geosolar villas are increasingly in demand and the waiting list of clients is growing. A guarantee brand and currently the only real estate company with its own financial product; the "Index Mortgage" of the Santander Group.

Currently, there are several developments under construction in the towns of Boadilla del Monte, Las Rozas, Villaviciosa de Odón, Colmenar Viejo and Arroyomolinos. In addition, more than 1,750 homes have been delivered in 50 developments in recent years and there are several more planned in the Community of Madrid and the capital.

► Save more than 200,000 euros on the mortgage by ending all electricity and energy bills, 600 euros less per month.

► First real estate development in Spain and probably in all of Europe 100% unplugged from the electricity grid.

► End to the electricity bill thanks to renewable energies, with its own solar energy production and minimum consumption due to geothermal energy.

► An active house capable of producing more clean energy than it consumes, a zero polluting emissions house.

► The houses are self-sufficient and can also charge two electric cars.

► Renewable energies such as solar and geothermal make the homes self-sufficient.

► Active houses that generate enough energy also to charge two electric vehicles all year round.