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The Theater welcomes spring at Corral Cervantes!

¡El Teatro da la bienvenida a la primavera en Corral Cervantes!

The classic authors of Spanish theater on stage, to welcome the good weather. Enjoy 'La Dama Boba' or 'El Hospital de los locos' in the heart of Madrid Río in March and April.

"Once again, the Siglo de Oro Foundation and a cast of Spanish creators versed in Baroque theater come together to make known the greatness of our golden age texts."
Corral Cervantes' welcomes spring with two first-class proposals on the boards of its courtly palace. Laughter and anguish to enjoy the plot threads devised a century ago by the great Lope de Vega.
For about an hour and a half, those attending the play 'La Dama Boba' will enjoy a performance that will not leave them indifferent, on the contrary, they will probably remember it for a long time for its originality.

La Dama Boba

"La dama boba, completed on April 28, 1613, is a work belonging to the genre of comedies of entanglement that raises the recurrent and revisited comic play between love and reason, typical of both the Golden Age and its great author Lope de Vega.

The play focuses on the transformation of the foolish Finea into a discreet lady thanks to the educational power of love.
In 16th century Madrid, Finea, heiress to a large fortune, is betrothed to Liseo.
Laurencio, the lover of her sister Nise, and because of his interest in Finea's dowry, tries to make her fall in love with words and compliments unknown to her.
When the time comes for the presentation of the betrothed, Lysseus, disappointed by Phineas' imprudent and "foolish" behavior, refuses to marry her. Liseo and Laurencio agree, after their confrontation provoked by jealousy, to woo each of them to each of the sisters he is most interested in. Following this orchestration, behind the backs of both sisters, Finea's personality is transformed as a result of her love affair with Laurencio.
Nise, unaware of the pact reached by the gallants and deeply jealous of the relationship between her sister and her former suitor, Laurencio, turns to her father Octavio, who intervenes to meet the request of his eldest daughter.
The increased amorous and intellectual ingenuity of her sister Finea, will generate a denouement and resolution of the aspirations of all the characters as none could expect from her."


Thursday March 30, Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1 at 8 p.m.
Golden Age Theater / Comedy

Meetings with the audience; Thursday 30 March at 10 p.m.
Talk/colloquium with the audience, actors and artistic team of the shows.

El Hospital de los Locos

For 75 minutes, the spectators of 'El Hospital de los Locos' are introduced into a parallel world, created by the Toledo-born but Madrid-based author José Valdivieso in 1622. A popular genre, the auto sacramental, which the Siglo de Oro Foundation has brought to the stage of the Corral Cervantes for the first time with this play.
José de Valdivieso is one of the playwrights of the Spanish Golden Age most recognized by other authors of his time, such as Calderón de la Barca, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, or his great friend Lope de Vega. However, he has not been the best known in posterity and today is much less recognized, except by the great lovers of the genre and classical theater.

As the Siglo de Oro Foundation explains, an auto sacramental is a very common genre in the 16th and 17th centuries, when theater and its power was used not only to entertain, but also to teach, and even to indoctrinate.
It is a work of great artistic beauty and a piece that today has absolute validity for its content and synopsis, which even magnify it after centuries.

El Hospital de los Locos

"On the one hand, the work of the writer from Toledo represents the dramatic genre in an exemplary way, sustaining all the goodness of the Christian tradition and European culture through Dogma; on the other hand, the work shines for its musical harmony, for the simplicity of its verses and its plot but -above all- for its universal philosophical character in which the human being and the greatness of his soul always harbor the possibility of repentance and redemption. El hospital de los locos, more than a religious work, is a work of profound humanistic character.
The plot is simple: In the hospital for the insane live locked up Luzbel, the World, Adam, the Flesh, Gluttony and Envy. The rector of the hospital is missing a desired patient whom he has not been able to catch: the Soul. This day, he decides to go out well-armed to trick her and lock her up forever. We will see if Soul is so naive as to fall into Madness and end up locked up in the hospital, or if Reason and Inspiration help him to save himself."

Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 at 6 p.m.

Sunday April 2nd at 12h

El Hospital de los Locos



Golden Age Theater / Drama (auto sacramental)