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Renewable experts wanted

Se buscan expertos en renovables

The deployment of renewable energies in the residential market has left the sector without specialized solar photovoltaic professionals. Germany has trained 50,000 professionals from India due to the lack of skilled labor in Europe. Beware of unsecured companies!

There is a shortage of electricians specializing in renewables, and this reality is becoming more and more palpable throughout Spain. Electricity and energy prices have turned around the economic prospects of families and companies, and the demand for efficient housing with its own energy production is now a priority for buyers.
The situation is complicated not only in Spain, but practically all over Europe, so much so that Germany has trained more than 50,000 electricians from India for the renewable industry thirsty for qualified professionals, through a training program of the Ministry of Renewable Energy of the Government of India.

Shortage of electricians and renewable energy specialists

What has happened in Spain? The boom in solar energy in the face of exorbitant energy and electricity prices, which have been rising for months, has left the sector without professionals specialized in renewables.

Months and months of proliferation of solar panel installation companies has led to the lack of skilled labor, which many have been warning about for many months. However, for the moment there are no proposals or measures on the table such as the training programs deployed in Germany.

Precisamente un país donde la potencia instalada de paneles fotovoltaicos adelanta en mucho y desde hace muchos años a España. Incluso pese a que en la Península Ibérica disfrutamos de muchas más horas de sol todo el año.

Germany trains its future professionals in India

To achieve a tripling of its current solar power installations and reach 215 gigawatts by 2030, the Skill Council of Green Jobs and BSW Solar have initiated a training program for skilled Indian workers to work in Germany.
"We need more hands for the energy transition and want to ensure the necessary massive expansion of solar power through skilled craftsmen, which we cannot find only in Germany in view of the shortage of skilled workers," acknowledges BSW management.

High demand for efficient housing

If you are looking for a new house, you are sure to look for one with solar panels and energy efficiency systems. In real estate agencies and developers are clear, and for customers today it is a priority that the house has efficient solutions already installed.
Families do not want to pay exorbitant gas or electricity bills for years, so if they buy a new house, the preference is very clear: buyers prioritize an efficient house.

Casa Geosolar de Carbono Positivo de Index en Arroyomolinos, Madrid
Casa Geosolar de Carbono Positivo de Index en Arroyomolinos, Madrid

Highly energy-efficient homes, such as Index's Carbon Positive Geosolar® House, are a solution for the family economy, as they guarantee much lower consumption than traditional homes and obtain their own energy from renewable sources. The installation of photovoltaic modules and a geothermal heat pump are irrefutably two good choices when choosing energy-efficient systems for your new home. As well as reducing the consumption of underfloor heating and optimizing its operation with the advice of professionals with experience in these technologies.

Today many companies install solar panels, however, not all panels are the same, nor their orientation when it comes to optimize performance throughout the year. An expert maintenance and advice can guarantee a longer useful life of the whole installation, as well as a superior performance, but for this it is essential the knowledge of a professional.

What has happened to the sector in recent years?

Masons and laborers have led in recent months the demand for professionals, according to the latest 2021 report of the Observatory of the Construction Labor Foundation, and after them, electricians are the most sought after and demanded profile.

There are profiles that do not have what is called 'generational replacement', especially those with certain qualifications as an electrician, but if you also need specific training in relatively current technologies such as renewable energies, the supply of these professionals is much more limited. And this context is already significantly limiting the installation of new energy systems throughout the sector.

In 2021 in construction in Spain there were close to 100,000 working professionals over the age of 60. About a fifth more than the previous year, in 2020. So the background of the sector already predicted a complicated future due to the lack of replacement. Other ingredients have been added to this situation, such as the high demand for new housing and the rise in energy prices, which has led to efficient housing being among the most sought after. If we also add the professionals needed for other energy transition projects and used homes that have been rehabilitated, the number of available professionals is even smaller.

In addition, a very new market, since between 2013 and 2019 approximately the few professionals with expertise in renewables had to leave our country, and the sector was left very undersupplied and it may be that since then a certain 'imbalance' between supply and demand of these profiles is dragging.

One of the great risks warned by the sector is intrusion and the proliferation of installers without guarantees. That is why in 2022, only the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, will train around 100,000 professionals, and especially in large companies there are programs to alleviate the lack of this profile. However, it is obviously not enough and from within the sector they state that it is essential to 'revalue it and make it more attractive', give it back prestige, notoriety, conditions and guarantees of employability so that young people want to become electricians again, experts in sustainable and renewable energies.