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How to process aid for renewables?

¿Cómo tramitar ayudas para renovables?

Solar panels flood the roofs in Spain, or at least much more than just a few years ago. It seems that consumers, hand in hand with the economy, have realized the advantages and benefits of ecology.
The Ministry of Ecological Transition is overwhelmed precisely by the procedures for renewable projects. The 'jam' is of such a caliber that ministry sources have even come to recognize that right now "the biggest impediment" to the development and deployment of many photovoltaic and wind solar plants is precisely the saturation of the public administration.
The Ministry for the Ecological Transition has launched a department specialized in the procedures for new renewable or green energy projects. The barrage of applications in recent months has exceeded all expectations.
The energy market suffers from prices triggered by inflation, especially after the war and Russian invasion in Ukraine, added to months of growth in electricity prices. And this situation of energy crisis added to the general rise in prices has caused thousands of consumers who own their own homes to want to install energy solutions with renewable sources and thousands of companies to tender projects for solar or wind plants especially.

placas solares

want to install energy solutions with renewable sources and thousands of companies tender projects for solar or wind plants especially.
The new 'Division of Electric Power Projects', which is the name of the unit to 'unclog' the processing of green projects, is already operational within the General Directorate of Energy of the ministry itself. Authorize environmental impact statements and expedite procedures that at the moment suffer significant delays in the entire bureaucratic process to tender a new renewable project.
For the moment, the installed capacity in Spain is slowing down its growth, probably diminished by these delays in the processing of new plants and projects.

For self-consumption, storage and/or thermal system facilities, in some areas such as the Community of Madrid, aid can be requested from November 16, 2022 to December 31, 2023 on the web:

These aids or funds are managed by the Community of Madrid Energy Foundation precisely to motivate and promote homes, communities and buildings that install renewable energy for self-consumption and storage.

This is an important budget item that contemplates a very ambitious aid program and for which all the documentation on the specific systems that are going to be used must be submitted.

Los incentivos prevén subvencionar varias modalidades de nuevas instalaciones destinadas a ser fuente energética para la climatización de la vivienda y para el agua caliente sanitaria, como son:

  • Installation of new photovoltaic and wind energy generation equipment for self-consumption, either with or without storage.
  • Installation of storage systems for already existing renewable plants.
  • Installation of thermal technology such as geothermal, biomass, hydrothermal, aerothermal or solar thermal.

Both individuals and communities of owners, companies, the self-employed, energy service providers, renewable energy communities and energy citizens, industrial estates, public administrations, among others, may benefit. In addition, in the fight against depopulation and what is known as 'Empty Spain', these subsidies give priority to new facilities in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.
What varies are the amounts and amounts subsidized, mainly depending on the installed power, but not only. Regarding the power of the new installation, in terms of self-consumption it is approximately 600 euros per kWp in residential and about 1,000 euros for public administration and the third sector.
While new storage devices for already operational facilities will benefit from up to 490 euros per kWp. However, they are approximate figures since the specific characteristics of each project determine their exact amounts.