You are currently viewing <strong>Construction of Index's new Casa Geosolar® development in Boadilla gets underway</strong>
Obras de construcción Casa Geosolar®'Prado Grande' en Boadilla

Construction of Index's new Casa Geosolar® development in Boadilla gets underway

Obras de construcción Casa Geosolar®'Prado Grande' en Boadilla

The construction of the future 31 Index homes in the three plots of the development 'Las Villas de Prado Grande' in Boadilla del Monte has already begun. These new villas are completely customized and efficient thanks to their renewable energies.

Construction work is already underway on the homes of more than thirty families in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). These are 31 homes completely personalized by their owners according to their needs in a privileged location and with unbeatable views in this exclusive area of Madrid.


Residential 'Las Villas de Prado Grande': All sold out!

The three plots located in Marqués de la Victoria Street, which make up the development 'Las Villas de Prado Grande', have already started their works. Specifically, one plot (R20) for the construction of 10 semi-detached houses, another (R21) for eleven more houses, ten semi-detached and one detached, and a third plot (R22) for another 10 semi-detached houses. All the single-family homes have a rear plot, parking area, ground floor, first floor and basement.
The owners of the Index homes can design the layout of the house, from the number of bedrooms, whether there is a dressing room or swimming pool, to the color of the tiles, the staircase, and the smallest details. These homes in Index's new development in Boadilla are all sold and assigned to Index clients so that they can decide every detail of their new home, which will now be executed on site by the construction teams.

New promotions on sale!

In 'Las Villas de Prado Grande' all homes have already been sold for months, however, Index has more developments for sale that will begin construction soon in:

  • Boadilla de Monte
  • Villaviciosa de Odón
  • Colmenar Viejo
  • Cubas de la Sagra
  • Madrid

As well as other projects in Las Rozas, Arroyomolinos, Navalcarnero, Valdemoro, and nearby locations that will be available soon as part of Index's expansion in various areas of the Community of Madrid.