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Additive printing for 3D luxury advertising

"Large 3D printing can interpret and bring to life a designer's visions in a way that no other manufacturing method can..."

"...The company in charge of the project took 18 days to print all the decorative components for the 90 square meter store."

Due to its speed of production, its exclusivity or its accuracy, among other advantages, additive printing or 3D printing is becoming the best ally of major design and luxury brands such as Dior or Louis Vuitton, and international giants such as Coca-Cola. or McDonald's.

Many exclusive firms tend to create normally ephemeral and striking spaces in shopping centers or temporary shops called 'pop up', it is what in marketing is known as PLV (advertising at the point of sale) and their techniques or exhibitors are increasingly immersive and spectacular.


Marketing has seen in 3D printing an innovative support with which advertising gains speed, accuracy and large size. Advertising 'Performances', surprising exhibitors or sensitive experiences in assemblies created solely for a Christmas campaign, a fair, a one-day event,... Which are not only ephemeral, but also have to be done quickly and to the millimetre, because in big brand advertising there is no margin for error.
Additive manufacturing is the great discovery of many communication and marketing departments that need these perfect 'works of art' in a short time. This is precisely how 3D printing works: fast and without errors.

In 2016 in Australia, the first Louis Vuitton ephemeral store was built inside a store thanks to additive printing with a visually spectacular result inside a shopping center, the Westfield in Sydney.

The Omus company, in charge of the project, took 18 days to print all the decorative components for the 90-square-meter store.
Louis Vuitton shared with shoppers that 3D printing encapsulated the brand's innovation and fresh-thinking attitude.
For his part, Robert Grosso, Chief Innovation Officer at Omus, commented: “Large 3D printing can interpret and bring to life a designer's visions in a way that no other manufacturing method can. Louis Vuitton's boldness and faith also went a long way to making it happen." (
Advertising and marketing have discovered the great advantages and infinite possibilities of additive printing, not only in pop-up stores or spaces for a short period of time. Carry out an action of what the industry knows as 'street marketing' and surprising actions, for example in the launch campaign of a new product, in the promotion of a movie or a new series.
There are international firms that know the importance of creating surprising actions in emblematic enclaves, such as actions in a light with 3D elements in Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. It may be a one-off for your shoot, but its effect is notorious thanks to your publicity plan.
Sometimes, precisely the same as when filming complicated scenes, film directors use extra actors or specialists if there are risks, when filming an advertising spot, the real product should not be present either. For example, in the case of food, the replica can be much more attractive, or in the case of a luxury product, a perfect replica can be made to avoid risks of another type such as damage, theft, deterioration,...