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3D printing makes cancer treatment easier

La impresión 3D facilita el tratamiento contra el cáncer

The versatility of 3D manufactured parts surprises us pleasantly every day, and from Switzerland, specifically from the University of Geneva, they have developed tools manufactured with additive printing that serve as support and immobilization during the treatment of breast and prostate cancer, which are completely customized to each patient.
The new personalized therapy with these innovative support tools completely adapted to the patient thanks to 3D printing, is a giant leap forward for the treatments of some cancers.
The Swiss company 'HeroSupport' is a startup responsible for this project, uses the A2v4 MED printer of the firm 3ntr with FDM technology and specialized in medical manufacturing.
These parts are very useful in radiotherapy sessions, for example in breast cancer treatment in which the patient has to be placed in prone position, lying on a stretcher and with the affected breast in the lower part as far away as possible from the rest of her body. Thanks to these parts, called VENUS shellTM, they help to ensure that the radiation from the treatment affects the rest of the patient's body as little as possible, since this radiation has been shown to be harmful to healthy areas, and for example very harmful to the lungs among other parts.

La impresión 3D facilita el tratamiento contra el cáncer

Thanks to this type of 3D printed frames with millimeter precision in their manufacture, the patient's breasts can be positioned comfortably and with greater protection for the rest of her body against radiation.

Two enormous advantages for those affected by this type of ailment, and in addition, their costs and economic viability also greatly facilitate this type of 3D printing advances. According to the promoter of the Swedish company leading this project, physicist and physician at the University Hospital of Geneva, Giovanna Dipasquale:

"The idea for breast cancer treatment," explains Giovanna Dipasquale, "is a 3D printed rigid immobilization system that adapts to the precise personal shape of each woman. With the help of 3D printing we transform treatment and imaging tables into customized supports, so that the patient does not have to adjust to the table, but rather the table adapts to each patient in a unique way. This brings precision, simplicity, greater reproducibility, time savings and patient comfort to clinical practice."

"FDM technology is also a perfect solution in terms of price. It made no sense to look elsewhere and risk incurring unaffordable figures. With 3ntr's solution we can achieve targeted therapy, reduce preparation time, waiting time and hospital costs."